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Rep. Luna believes education should be student-centered and parent-guided. In Congress, Anna will work to advance efforts to expand school choice, ensure parents rights, protect women’s sports, and increase civic literacy. Rep. Luna opposes critical race theory being taught in schools and will stand against any attempts by Democrats in Congress who push radical left-wing gender theory in education, a trend that is destroying our children and permanently harming their bodies.

Energy Independence

Congresswoman Luna believes in unleashing the full might of America’s domestic energy production that we have right here at home so there is no need for us to rely on foreign countries who hate our values and what we stand for. Anna believes the American people have the right to use American oil from American soil. She will continue to lead the charge in Congress for American energy independence by restoring oil and gas leases, reinstating the Keystone XL pipeline, and fighting the Left’s radical Green New Deal regulations.


Rep. Luna is determined to ensure our community in Pinellas County continues to capitalize on its robust tourism economy. She will fight to protect our beaches, coastlines, and preserve our natural environment, without raising taxes.


Government Accountability

​Rep. Luna wants to end the corruption that plagues our system. She will support any ban on Congress or its employees becoming lobbyists to cash out after leaving office. She will also work to enact term limits for elected officials.


Congresswoman Luna has been to the southern border three times and has long spoken out against illegal immigration and the human & drug trafficking that comes with it. Anna will fight to finish the border wall, end DACA, restore President Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy, and crack down on criminal illegals in America. Rep. Luna opposes amnesty as a pathway to citizenship. Those who refuse to put the interests of American citizens first have no place representing our country.


As a proud veteran herself, caring for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice will always be of the utmost priority for Rep. Luna while in Congress. Anna experienced firsthand the pitfalls of our failed veteran care policies after enemy combatants shot her husband in Afghanistan and wants to ensure no one who has served our country has to go through that process. Congresswoman Luna will be a strong advocate for veterans and will fight to ensure they get the care, appreciation, and honor they deserve.