BREAKING: Rep. Luna Joins House Oversight to Reveal the Receipts: Joe Biden Made Millions in Foreign Profit Schemes

Contact: Edie Heipel,

This morning, Rep. Anna Paulina Luna joined Chairman James Comer and the House Oversight and Accountability Committee to reveal thousands of receipts detailing President Joe Biden’s international peddling network that sent millions of dollars straight into the pockets of the Biden family.

Rep. Luna issued the following statement:

“Today, we brought the receipts on Joe Biden. And receipts don’t lie.

As a member of House Oversight, I have seen for myself the thousands of pages of financial records revealing the depths of Biden’s corrupt business deals with foreign nationals to reap profits for himself and his family. Now these records are available for us all to see what we knew from the beginning: Joe Biden used shell vehicles to directly transfer millions of dollars into his own pockets. This is nothing but a coordinated scheme built on treachery and lies

The memo includes this bombshell evidence:

  • A web of over 20 companies that the Biden family used to conduct their shady foreign business deals.
  • Bank records and wire payments totaling over $10 million in profits from foreign nationals and their companies.
  • Clear attempts to cover up suspicious payments that went straight into the bank accounts of Biden family members by sending incremental payments into different bank accounts.
  • The blatant use of Chinese shell companies and operatives with ties to the CCP to deceive the public about the Biden family’s activities.

Through all of this, Biden has blatantly lied to the American public and repeatedly denied his foreign entanglements and dark profit web.

But one thing Joe Biden can’t hide from is the truth. We will not rest until he answers for this.

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