BREAKING: Rep. Luna Passes Vote to Censure, Investigate Rep. Adam Schiff

Jun 21, 2023

Contact: Edie Heipel,

Today, after a two-week battle, Rep. Anna Paulina Luna kept her promise to hold Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) accountable to the American people by passing her resolution, H. Res. 521, to censure and investigate Rep. Schiff for unlawfully abusing the public trust and exploiting his position as Chair of House Intelligence.

Rep. Luna’s resolution passed with a vote on the House floor, 213-209.

“For well over 5 years, Rep. Schiff has betrayed the American people, purposely abused his position of heightened authority, practiced continuous deceit with total abandon, and violated the civil liberties of an American citizen. Until today, Rep. Schiff has faced zero consequences for his behavior, the likes of which would make any Member unfit for office,” Rep. Luna said. 

“Tonight our conference stood with me in holding this man accountable for tearing apart our country and creating lasting rifts between American families. Today’s vote brought some credibility back to an institution that has failed the people it serves for a long time. I hope this is just the start of restoring justice and responsibility for one’s actions in America’s elected representatives, who, like all citizens of this country, are not above the law.”

Tonight, Rep. Schiff presented himself in the well of the House of Representatives for public condemnation and censure by the Speaker of the House.

He will now be referred to the House Committee on Ethics, where he will face a full investigation for any violations of House rules that he committed while pursuing his discredited and political Russia hoax investigation.  

Adam Schiff will go down in history for what he did, and history will reflect the truth and exactly who he is. 

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