Member-elect Anna Paulina Luna Holds the Line in Speaker of the House Race

Member-elect Anna Paulina Luna Holds the Line in Speaker of the House Race

Washington, D.C.

Contact: Edie Heipel,

There is an extraordinary amount of misinformation going around about yesterday’s vote for the Speaker of the House. One thing is obvious, however: D.C. is fundamentally broken.

To be clear, I will NEVER vote to elect a Democrat Speaker and what you are seeing is Congress in action. These discussions are good to have and although you are not able to see the conversations happening off the floor, I assure you that I am voting and constantly thinking about the thousands of conversations I have had with you all over the last 4 years.

I have made my position clear, and it remains the same as when you elected me: I will stand strong until we get a Speaker who will fight for the American people and fix the chaos and corruption in our nation’s Capitol. I will continue to stand firm against all forms of pressure.

Right now, democracy is at work — something that hasn’t happened for decades. The process may be messy, but that is how it is supposed to be. The alternative — a swift uniparty vote without room for debate or conservative ideas — is far worse.

Today at noon, we will reconvene and allow the deliberative process to be carried out. I also want to reiterate that Democrats will not assume control of the Congress. This is a lie concocted by the mainstream media.

I did not come to Congress to conduct business as usual or bow to the notion that this is just “how things are done in D.C.” This is the same mentality that has failed Americans time and time again. It is why our children will suffer and why we have continued to see the broken economy snowball, among a host of other problems. If we do not debate this on the floor…it will not stop.

I promised I would hold the line to ensure your voices are actually represented in Washington — and that is exactly what I am doing.

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