Rep. Luna Responds to USAF’s Denial to Expand Record Leak Investigation

Mar 22, 2023

Contact: Edie Heipel,

The Air Force denied my request to expand the records search to the 2020 election cycle, to ensure that both cycles I ran for office in were covered by the search.

We were right about Jennifer Ruth-Green, we were right about J.R. Majewski, and we were right about the Air Force leaking these records in the first place. The Air Force must be brought to account for what they have done.

We have been told by the Air Force that the person who leaked these records was not just a low-level enlisted member, but a GS-12 federal employee.

If accountability is not met, mark my words, they have not seen the end of this investigation. We will be using the Holman rule, a tool that can either cut the salary or fire a specific federal employee, to pursue justice for this unacceptable abuse of power.

The DOD and US Military answers to the civilian sector. They are not above the law and they’re about to find out what happens when you play games with Congress.

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